Dabangg 2: What I Thought!


Ever wondered how Salman Khan kicks 30 goons in 3 minutes and never loses his shades? Not even once? Well in Dabangg 2 you don’t! You just go with the flow.
The very eccentric, kind-at-heart, rascal of a police, Chulbul Pandey has become one of Bollywood’s iconic figures since Dabangg. Spewing one liners and action he seems fit for the Bollywood enthusiasts. And if you’ve enjoyed the first you are most likely going to like this one too. You don’t go for a Dabangg sequel expecting a solid storyline or stellar performances from the cast, flaws aplenty (and i am not even gonna bother to list it out), Dabanng 2 beckons you to switch off your brain for the next 2 hours and just sit there watching/enduring.

Ridden with hardcore Bollywood numbers and item numbers, slomo action and oozing cheesiness in every other frame, Dabangg 2 is a true successor of the original. Salman once agains dons the role of Chulbul Pandey and is redesignated to Kanpur with his wife reprised once again by Sonakshi Sinha, his moronic brother played by Arbaaz Khan and Vinod Khanna playing his dad. And in typical fashion, Chulbul, goes head to head with the bad guy of the town: ‘Bachcha Bhaiya’ played by Bollywood’s go-to-guy-for a villain,  Prakash Raj, who by the way is voiced by some generic sucker making the role aptly named: ‘kiddish’ (Bachcha-ish). I was solely disappointed at his role going to waste.

Director, Arbaaz Khan plays it safe making this one very close to the original. Though Dabangg 2 loses the novelty the original had in plenty. It nonetheless follows the very familiar plot assuring not even the slightest bit of unpredictability. You’ll be promised loads of Rajnikant-inspired action, songs at the slightest excuse backed by Salman’s moves and the usual item numbers. Munni returns in one of em. And another featuring the very skimpily clad, voluptuous Kareena Kapoor. Apart from ‘Fevicol’ none of the songs are remotely memorable. There you have it…Dabangg 2 in a nutshell and its sure enough to please Salman fans.
PS: You could take the risk of having the guilty pleasure in watching it. I know I did! 😛


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