End Of Watch: What I Thought!

End Of Watch Review

I am not a fan of the Found Footage genre per se neither am I a fan of handheld camera movies too. But I don’t give it a miss either…I just want to see how either good or worse it gets. This genre had been populated by horror movies coz it never needed a huge budget all you need is a handheld camera, some shaky footage and some pulling the strings…REAL Strings tied to a door or something so as to induce fear or some supernatural shit. So yea I had been following Paranormal Activity series and its zillion clones, and I have also stumbled upon gems like last year’s ‘Chronicle’, ‘The Last Exorcism’, ‘Cloverfield’ and rather lesser known gems like ‘Project X’.

Though If you thought you had seen the last of handheld camera genre…think again. ‘End of Watch’ is a refreshing new take on the genre. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pina, it is a movie of 2 LA cops, Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala, who document their daily encounters with the criminal agenda of the city. Directed by ‘Training Day’ scribe, David Ayer, this aint your usual handheld camera fare. The picture quality doesn’t suffer like that of those horror flicks and it has some truly memorable moments. At times End of Watch resembles a fast paced FPS genre and it seems they’ve clearly borrowed from the games. Hell this could have been made into a very good game but its better on celluloid. Had it been a game it would have lost its heart, the emotions it emitted. Credits go to both Jake & Michael convincingly portraying what these cops go through everyday, both managing their personal life and being a vigilante. At times they just breaks the pace by having some fun and on screen it was great to watch these two, having great chemistry. The film also fiddles with the topic of racism which was well evident from the scenes. These 2 characters are in a way in contrast to each other, one is a family man yet wouldn’t mind getting into a fight with a gangster and the other is an ex marine who likes to resort to his own corner of coziness.

End Of Watch, starts off initially, as a Buddy Cop movie but the more deep you go, you realize it has more layers than what you’d found on the surface. Friendship, Duty, Faith all contributes as integral factors to this intense drama.

In one word ‘End of Watch’ could be defined as ‘Tense’. Many scenes evoke true emotions and towards the end you can’t help but think that one of them is gonna meet their demise. This is one of the best Cop drama ever. Commendable performances from the both the actors, and a remarkable direction makes ‘End of Watch’ a must watch!


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