Sinister: What I Thought!

Sinister, I was told, was original and one of the scariest movies this season. I am severely disappointed after what I saw. First of all lemme get this out: “What the bloody fuck did I just watch?” It wasn’t even remotely scary, it had inevitable jump scares which fell flat as well as flawed monster closets. Nothing in the movie ever worked well for it. The plot is disastrous. To begin with The Bagul didn’t even exist in any mythology. They do say some mumbo-jumbo about some Pagan Deity but sadly it doesn’t make any sense nor does it add to the scare factor. They just made it up and usually these imaginative stuff from the film-makers does work, but Bagul is so awfully garish, so unimaginative that it fails on so many levels. I saw in forums that Bagul was being compared to to Slenderman which was 10 times scarier. There is nothing scary about an entity with pale make-up (who seemed like The Crow and WWE’s Kain had a lovechild) who just does nothing than be shown in random shots. Hell, Slenderman did a much better job just doing nothing!

Over-rated, entirely predictable, vastly tasteless with vague characters and an uninteresting plot, Sinister is one movie you’d want to stay away from.


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