Skyfall: What I Thought!

Skyfall was the single most anticipated movie after the Goliath that released in July. James Bond movies have always captured a huge audience in-spite of age, sex and whatnot. Directed by Sam Mendes, I was curious enough to see how ‘Revolutionary Road’ helmer would craft the 23rd James Bond movie. A lot has been left in his hands and it really has to be a milestone especially when they are celebrating ’50 Years of James Bond’.

Following a thick action sequence I was greeted to an awe-inspiring title sequence with mind-bending-cryptic-visuals accompanied by Adele’s epic ‘Let the sky fall’ track, it was a sure sign that Skyfall would blow your mind. Daniel Craig returns, once again as 007 and there’s just too many words to describe him though for one I’d say “Unstoppable”. Daniel as 007 was introduced as a welcome change from the James Bonds we’ve seen previously. He was molded through the worst like we’ve witnessed in Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace. Craig’s James Bond always felt tough as nails yet slightly disturbed inside and even his stance felt ready to pounce, hasty in decision making that actually made way for some of the best action sequences ever. I just couldn’t digest this guy once played a sidekick to Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider. I realized that Naomi Harris doesn’t have that essential oomph factor that Bond girls usually gets drenched in. And on the other hand Berenice Marlohe did have her screen time and did really well. The real Bond girl in Skyfall is without doubt, Judie Dench once again reprising her role as M. Despite everything that has happened since Casino Royale, M was the one person whom James Bond was close with and the director really pulls some strings to get the best outta them. Ben Whishaw, after his awesome performance in ‘Cloud Atlas‘ takes on the role as Q. He made a remarkable use of his limited screen time striking both charm and drollery.Its only close to the 2nd act that we see the who’d blow your mind (no puns intended). Till now we’ve been introduced to only pansy foes against Bond. And its a shame given Craig’s bond is so inured and isn’t given a proper villain to test everything he’s got. Be it Casino Royale’s ‘Le Chiffre’ or Quantum’s ‘Dominic Greene’, neither of em had what it takes to be true Bond villain. Enter Skyfall’s Silva, a solid and finally intimidating villain for James Bond played none other than Javier Bardem. If Bond was Batman, Silva would be Joker, oozing both brain and brawn this guy is a force to reckon with and comes off as a laudable supervillain in the Bond reboot.

As a James Bond fan (Who isnt?) I was well received I should say. Bond aint formulaic anymore. At least till the last decade Bond movies were so formulaic – all thanks to the cheesiest Bond ever, Pearce Brosnan, a supervillain, 2 girls one of which would turn out to be a bitch and killed off leading to an Brobdingnagian-finale. However Skyfall is the best thing that has happened to James Bond since the Casino Royale reboot. Up until the 2nd act Skyfall played the usual James Bond fare, but it was whole new ball game after that. Action-enthusiasts and not alike will like what’s in store for you in the second half. At times I was left asking myself “Am I really watching a James Bond movie?” (in a good way of course). Thomas Newman’s score was pure bliss promising espionage themes at its best. There are some great homages as well that’ll please some Sean Connery fans.

Skyfall is for everybody, people who thought James Bond was over-rated and people who idolize him as Ian Flemming’s iconic Agent 007. Yes I do question the liberties it has taken to revamp it but it was enjoyable nonetheless. This is Bond like you’ve never seen before and yes, ‘James Bond will Return’. The apple has fallen from the tree though not so far to not be relished.


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