Dredd 3D: What I Thought!

Remember 1995’s Sylvester Stallone movie ‘Judge Dredd’? No, you don’t… don’t ya? Thought so too. Well neither have I, much fond memories of the movie. All I remember was the poster where Stallone adorns the Dredd visor and yes It was iconic of 2000 AD’s comic book version but that’s all there is about the movie. Stallone, for showing off his face, (I don’t know for what better reason) conveniently loses the helmet for most of the movie. A sad sad departure from its comic book counterpart.

So the people at Hollywood got thinking…”Its time for a ‘Dredd’ reboot!” and BOY, they did it well. Atleast faithful to the comic books of course  2012’s Dredd stars Karl Urban, one of my favorite actors slipping into Judge Dredd’s shoes. Dredd is more grim than its original, its roots still in the comic book world. Its difficult to distinguish the actor with the Dredd visor on throughout the movie, but he does a very splendid job portraying the shades of the remorseless Dredd with his mouth and chin…yes, even without his eyes Karl did a wonderful job. Olivia Thirlby, although in spotlight for sometime never got the attention she deserved and always felt amateurish, ie until now! Until Dredd. Olivia plays the rookie Anderson who on her first mission as Judge accompanies Dredd. Lena Headey as the antagonist MAMA was spectacular. She didnt have much lines but her silence, grin and dont-give-a-fuck attitude was just immensely intimidating and malicious and seen from start to end.

Well about the 3D tag attached with the name, yes it does deliver and I am glad to say that they didnt overdo it. Whatever 3D you see on screen mostly is caused by the in-movie drug named SLO-MO. Water splashes felt like diamonds; bullets slices though a cornucopia of human body parts and its just good to see em all in 3D.

A lack of proper or even remotely memorable theme for Dredd is unforgivable, I dont remember any of the soundtrack from the movie. Its a shame and I hope they rectify it in the sequel.

Let’s discuss the cons, shall we? First of all, If you have seen 2011’s Indonesian flick ‘The Raid Redemption’ then its likely that you wouldn’t enjoy Dredd all that much, unless you are a Dredd fan of course. I wasn’t one and I thought of The Raid Redemption as far superior movie compared to Dredd. Dredd is basically the same plot but with 3D and more gore. On the contrary if u havent seen Raid, then fan or not, you are gonna love this reboot. Judge Dredd is exactly the way he should be. In an initial scene Anderson, being a psychic was just about to reveal some of Dredd’s secrets but is interrupted before she could utter something. So there’s no backstory whatsoever but it adds to the mystique of the character possibly paving way for more character development in an obvious sequel.
Dredd makes you think towards the end…and you’ll know how, when you watch it, it kinda salvages the movie from being just an action-fest or just another reboot. I am eagerly looking forward to the sequel, however it might it turn out I’ll be there seated cozily on the multiplexer lounge seats.


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