Total Recall: What I Thought

Directed by Lenn Wiseman, this iteration of Total Recall stars Colin Farell in the lead.

Plainly put, the new Total Recall has almost nothing to do with the original except the REKALL program. While the original was set around Mars and peppered with Arnold’s not-so-arresting performance, it still was a good watch possibly coz there were things that we’ve never seen before in a movie. This Total Recall has everything we’ve seen before: amnesia, an impending conflict between the rich and poor societies. Shades of Minority Report were seen through out; from the touch screens to the magnetic freeway car sequence. A futuristic world we’ve seen way too many was only mildly interesting. It all felt like a huge set piece for Colin Farell to be directed to jump, slide, rinse and repeat. The whole movie revolves around a lift which connects the only remaining superpowers United Federation of Britain and The Colony, through the core of the earth called ‘The Fall’. There are some pretty intense action sequences but thats all there is.

Colin Farell is accompanied by Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Bryan Cranston and Bill Nighy. There you go…you’ve got most of the cast. Colin Farell, replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger as Douglas Quaid/Houser and he does a decent job playing an amnesiac 😛 I didnt know what Jessica was doing in the movie apart from being the love interest for Houser, I suppose she didnt too know what was going on around. The daunting Bryan ‘Walter White’ Cranston as Cohaagen, sadly, was severely underwritten and never felt like a threat. Kate Beckinsale shines throughout though, she’s one force to reckon with. Meanwhile Bill Nighy’s role was reduced to a minute cameo.

Plenty of CG Wizardry and action, that’s all this new Total Recall promises. But unfortunately even those couldn’t salvage the movie. This is one movie you wouldn’t possibly ‘recall’ after you are done watching it. Watch it for Kate Beckinsale and some set piece moments (which I’d rather experience first hand in Call of Duty Black Ops 2).

PS: I am getting sick of movies being ambiguous. Just coz I like it in Nolan’s movies doesn’t mean I need it to be served in every other movie I watch. In short, yes Total Recall’s ending is ambiguous and it doesn’t mean much either.


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