Cocktail: What I Thought!

It was the first time I went in for a Bollywood movie and returned home empty handed. Cocktail, with its initial previews and TV spots had raked up so much anticipation that people just had to see it ‘First Day First Show’. I’d say that’s effective marketing. Well the credit also goes to an ensemble cast, having Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan, Diana Penty, Boman Irani & Dimple Kapadia, and a production house whose yesteryear hit includes ‘Love Aaj Kal’. I for one just had to see it for a whole different reason…Deepika Padukone. And no, just cause I have a certain ‘crush’ on her doesnt mean that I’d be biased about the movie.

So on with what I thought about Cocktail. I went in for the movie expecting something fresh, what I got for a story was a rehashed, reused one. Its not something you havent heard before. 3 friends, a guy and 2 very pretty girls, staying together eventually having feelings for each other and unable to express, they go on to having problems and yada yada. Co-written by Imtiaz Ali, I anticipated at-least a bit of originality in the story but I was greeted to the fact that an old story filmed stylishly wouldn’t essentially make a good movie. Cocktail is filmed very stylishly indeed, a feeling of robust energy can be seen in almost every frame. Be it the leads’ costumes or the locales…it oozes rich colors as well as a vim of freshness. Kudos, especially to the song sequences. There is a reason why ‘Tumhi ho Bhandu’ & ‘Daaru Desi’ tops the charts now and the half the credit goes to its exotic visuals.

Saif Ali Khan, as Gautham, should break outta his DCH mode asap. He’s friggin 42; its time he stopped acting clumsy; its not funny anymore. His performance post intermission was bearable but still on the verge of ‘over-acting’. Diana Penty is absolutely a sight for sore eyes. She gracefully & sincerely delivers an innocent ‘Meera’. Debutants are becoming more and more adept these days. Just like Parineeti Chopra, Diana Penty is someone to lookout for. Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly the star here. Obviously looks ravishing and I know she does the ‘spoilt-bitch’ well enough but it was only close to the interval, she begins to show off her best (I meant her acting and not her outfits :P). She seamlessly inclines to being both an emotional disaster as well take on a more darker shade. Boman Irani & Dimple Kapadia accommodates for some rather timeworn playing Gautham’s uncle and mom respectively.

There are some pretty nifty sequences as well that adds to the over-all experience, for example Deepika Padukone’s post-intermission dance club sequence was very well done. Strobe light sequences may put off some people or worse…may cause epilepsy 😛 but it stands out coz it really limns her emotions. And once again the director was sure of one thing, to genuinely accentuate the friendship factor of all the 3 protagonists and he did it well. The chemistry between all the 3 leads were well written and filmed.

The absence of a score/ambience in some of the dialogue sequences made it sorta dull. I don’t know if the director wanted to focus more on the dialogues or if he didn’t have time for a composing a good score. Bollywood movies needs a good score to outline the more dramatic scenes be it comedy/tragedy. Homi Adajania once again went the ‘Being Cyrus’ way. Setting that aside, Pritam’s music makes the songs really tick.

Cocktail is just an old wine in an exquisite bottle. There’s nothing special to the movie. Watch it for Deepika’s splendid performances and Diana Penty’s great debut and ofcourse all the eyecandy.


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