Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Frankly, I’d no intention of going for this one. But as the movies were clearing its way for the ‘behemoth’ ie opening next week, ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ was the only movie that had the guts to show up a week before. I learnt that my friends had been reading the book recently and when asked, they said it wasn’t that interesting. Well its movie equivalent though succeeds in giving you a fairly gratifying experience. Initially I was also put off with the concept of mixing history with supernatural elements. I was like ‘of all the historical icons they had to take…WHY Abe Lincoln?’

Directed by ‘Wanted’ helmer Timur Bekmambetov, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter stars Benjamin Walker in the lead. Initially I found him to be quite campy playing the lead although he quickly breaks all suspicions playing a convincingly enough Lincoln, be it hunting vampires or acting out the more historical/factual side of him. Following some vampiric  events Lincoln becomes a protege to vampire hunter Henry Sturges, played by Dominic Cooper. We have seen his breathtaking portrayal of Uday Hussein in ‘The Devils Double’ as well as Howard Stark in ‘Captain America’. Although Henry Sturges here isn’t as remarkable as those, he still pulls off a rather credible performance. Apart from Benjamin and Dominic I didn’t find anybody noteworthy. Well Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Abe’s wife and does just that.

Coming from Timur who gave us the brilliant ‘Wanted’, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a sheer disappointment. Set that fact aside, and you might be able enjoy the movie. Don’t bother to think it through even-though it gives you chances aplenty to link historical events to its more supernatural counterparts. The visuals are well done, with the gore, gruesome and abundant. Action sequences are very much enjoyable and the plot just acts as a reason for them to be directed so. Its not a great movie by any chance, its worth a lazy watch nonetheless.


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