Brave: What I Thought!

In typical Disney fashion, though definitely not Pixar-esque, ‘Brave’ introduces us to Princess Merida. The flaming red head Merida captures our hearts with her more tomboyish charms than her ‘princess etiquette’. Caught between her parents will and her own, ‘Brave’ follows her story of adventure with some lavishly thrown twists to boot. Merida’s brothers, the mischievous Triplets catered to some bona fide laughs.

The very initial scene itself promises that ‘Brave’ is gonna be technically perfect. Painstakingly modeled, rich in colors and flawlessly animated, ‘Brave’ seems Pixar’s best effort in animation…yet. The character animations in particular were fluid and spot on. Be it the modest walk of the Queen Elinor or the baby steps of little Merida it all feels lifelike, so endearing.

The voice acting was affable…particularly Kelly Macdonald’s Merida & Emma Thompson’s Elinor. I was instantly drawn towards the score composed by Patrick Doyle. The thick scottish music blended with thuds and strings of that of pure adventure made me immersed in the already gorgeous visuals. Hell, calling the visuals ‘Gorgeous’ would be an understatement.

‘Brave’ has been a victim to severe bashing soon after its release just coz it came from the ‘House of Pixar’ and ‘didnt meet the standards’. Just coz Pixar movies needs to be OTT awesome doesnt mean ‘Brave’ cant be considered a ‘good entertainer’. ‘Tangled’ came from Disney and it was well received, fun to watch and critically acclaimed. Had it been from Pixar, would people trash it too? It might be due to the fact that its Pixar’s first period piece or perhaps its the former female director Brenda Chapman indirectly bashed here (Seems like she was replaced by Mark Andrews “following creative disagreements”) or maybe its the inevitable feminist overtones that made ‘them’ trash it. I have no idea why ‘Brave’ is so much bashed. Its a good movie…whether if its from Pixar or not.

I found ‘Brave’ more entertaining than those toys & dolls melodrama that was Toy Story 3 (yea, scorch me alive for that..I dont care). Yes its from Disney and face it, its helmed by Pixar, its a little short on story and in its core its a pretty little princess story. It tells a story about love, relationships, adventure but above all its about a Mother-Daughter relationship. ‘Brave’ made me smile, laugh, tensed and made me feel a lump in my throat at times. I completely forgot its associations with Pixar as I was drawn into the narrative. Its an unadulterated fairy tale both kids and grownups can find entertaining. I enjoyed it immensely and in the end that’s what a movie should do…and ‘Brave’ does it best.

Pixar’s own short ‘La Luna’ was shown before ‘Brave’ and it was just amazing and heartwarming. It was released last year but to see it on the big screen is in itself a pleasure.


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