Linkin Park Living Things: What I Thought!

Linkin Park is back on track! Yes, the aforementioned statement were an ‘all puns intentional’ one. Off late I’d been noticing that LP was kinda down. Yes they were trying out new styles and its a good thing. But you have to admit their previous 2 studio albums ‘Minutes to Midnight’ & ‘A Thousand Suns’ was not upto the mark…comparatively speaking ofcourse.

I mean there was a time I used to just listen to their tracks on a loop day and night…be it Hybrid Theory’s ‘In the End’ or the delicious almost-chantable composition that was Meteora’s ‘NUMB’. But could you find one such crave-to-be-hummed, catchy song from their previous 2 albums? Well personally I loved ‘In pieces’ from Minutes to Midnight (for its amazing solo) and ‘Iridescent’ from A Thousand Suns; but it stands no chance paired head to head with either Numb or InTheEnd.

Believe me I am a die hard Linkin Park fan since their ‘Hybrid Theory’ days. I used to sing almost all songs from Hybrid Theory along with mouth-made riffs and beats. I am both a fan of Shinoda & Chester. I love their vocal-emcee duo. Plus add to that I love Shinoda’s artworks. Used to look at their tape covers back in 2002, drooling over the Street soldier sketches, attempting to replicate it all over my notebooks. Hell, there might still be LP graffiti style scribbles all over my college desks.

As I said none of their tracks from the last albums stood no chance against their initial ingenious compositions. I felt they were just churning out promo songs for major blockbusters *cough*TranF***ers*cough* They were never bad songs, nor were they bad compositions; along with the visuals it was perfectly enjoyable but I never found em as hummable as Crawling/PointsOfAuthority/FromTheInside.

After all that stumbles and experiments with styles its time for salvation…their 5th studio album entitled ‘Living Things’ packs that essential Linkin Park vibe. Lyrically it has some of the best written songs and their experiments with music are well shown off here. Once again, You hear stuff you’ve heard never before, taking it all back with pure music might, what we all loved about Linkin Park so much.

Be it the rise and melancholic waves of ‘Tinfoil’ or the metal-rap-ed ‘Victimized’ Linkin Park tried hard to follow their initial album’s formula. When ‘Lost in Echo’ blows you up off whatever skepticism you had about this album being mediocre, ‘Lies Greed Misery’ being the energetic track of the lot and being jovial at heart just begs to be loved. And LOVE you will. (Though I never understood what it was doing in a Metal of Honor Launch trailer.) And when ‘Roads Untraveled’ took me to the ‘Somewhere I belong’ moments…I despised ‘Until It Breaks’ for its ominous riffs & chattering…though half way through the track gets all mushy; almost like a choir song. Nuff said, ‘Burn it Down’ is already a chartbuster reigning over almost all the chartlists.

“All said, done and anathemized”, Living Things is a refreshing change from being sun-burned by ‘A Thousand Suns’ & sleeping off mere ‘Minutes to Midnight’. Linkin Park is back in their true form, less nu-metal and more alternative rock. Yet they drag some of their skeleton ridden closets from last 2 years; its inevitable I suppose. Afterall they are a prisoner of their own success.


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