Mirror Mirror: What I Thought!

Mirror Mirror was indeed a refreshing change from the dark & CG heavy ‘Snow White & The Huntsman‘. Last years’ ‘Immortals‘ helmer Tarsem Singh directs this version of the Snow White lore. Its great to see Tarsem doing comedy instead of psychological/period dramas and his style definitely shows.

The movie starts off with a spellbinding animated sequence explaining the backstory. Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, narrates the sequence in an ever so narcissistic tone. Lily Collins stars as Snow White and Armie Hammer as the Prince. I took a bit of time adjusting to the thick browed Lily as Snow. Maybe it was just coz I’d seen Kristen Stewart’s ‘wooden Snow White’ and I needed time to adjust to ‘real acting’ than lazy looks. 😛
‘Mouse Hunt’s Nathan Lane plays ‘Brighton’, the Queen’s right hand, also brightened up the screen a bit with his brilliant comic timing.

The initial scenes were a tad bit boring and it felt as if it was a stage performance with props and all. But it quickly gained pace as the movie progressed, in fact the pacing was much better than the ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’. And what seemed like mere props soon turned out to be extravagant set pieces. The dark forest, though, still remained ‘bleh’. I agree considering ‘Mirror Mirror’s over-all tone the dark forest doesn’t need to be dark at all but that is no excuse to just show some really bland trees amidst all the synthetic snow.

Julia Roberts steals every scene she was in. Where Snow White & The Huntsman’s Charlize Theron was sheer evil, Julia here was a treat to watch. She handles both villainy and comic sarcasm with equal prowess. The 7 dwarfs here are played by real life dwarves and provides for some genuine laughs. Armie does comedy well and justified/charmed the role of the prince.

I still dont know why Mirror Mirror has such low ratings in IMDB. Its a fun family movie and should be taken lightly. Light & jovial at heart, Mirror Mirror was a pleasant watch. I’d say it was much much entertaining than its dark cousin ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’.


2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror: What I Thought!

  1. I like them both. I like this version of Snow White because it’s a fun, adventure film that you can watch with your kids. And I like Snow White and the Huntsman version because it’s more of a dark, action and hardcore kind of film. At least in this version of Snow White she didn’t eat the apple. Seriously, how many times can she fall for the apple trick?

    1. Frankly speaking, I nearly fell asleep during the first act of Snow White & The Huntsman. Mirror Mirror has a load of flaws but kept me entertained. In the end, isnt entertainment we all go to movies for?
      PS: U shouldn’t have mentioned ‘the apple’ thing from Mirror Mirror. It should be a possible spoiler for fellows who haven’t seen the movie yet. 🙂
      But yea I agree…I was getting tired with the apple trick. 🙂

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