Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted: What I Thought!

The M-team is back! Alex, Marty, Melman & Gloria is back with their 3rd globe trotting adventure in the Madagascar franchise entitled Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted and this time its in awesome 3D (I never thought I’d be saying that).

Homesick, the M-team decides to head back to their true home, New York. But first they need to grab the gambling Penguins from Monte Carlo, so as to fly them back to NY. All hell breaks loose when an Animal Control officer Chantel Dubois, played nefariously by Frances McDormand, is after Alex’s head for her wall. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Jessica Chastain, Martin Short joins the cast as well in this iteration. King Julian makes you hysterical as ever when he stumbles on his ‘true love at the circus’. Bryan Cranston’s Vitaly the Siberian Tiger stole the some of the limelight from the crazy foursome whenever he was onscreen. But in the end it all comes to the M-team. Would they get back to their ‘home sweet home’, would Dubois’s wall get Alex’s head for display? (Nah! You already know that one).

Hans Zimmer’s score and main themes from the original makes a come back and you instantly feel right at home :P. Though I was a wee bit dissapointed with the remixed version of ‘I Like to Move it’ this time.

The 3D is spectacular. Ofcourse there are gimmicks but the colorful cast and special effects makes it all worth. There is circus sequence with neon lights and all sorts of crazy happening on screen and it begs to be seen in 3D. Hell, it begs to be seen when you are high. ‘Trippy’ could be the right word for the sequence.

The foursome seems dumber than ever but adds fun to the over-all experience. Less story, a bit of plotholes and  senseless fun is what Madagascar 3 promises. Ofcourse it sheds the sheer amount of fun & brilliant plot its predecessors had, though it never makes it un-watchable. Watch it for the splendid 3D and pure kid-friendly fun.


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