Snow White The Huntsman: What I Thought!

Snow White & The Huntsman had promises to keep and rather magnanimous ones at that. The movie had to top the recent jovial Snow White release ‘Mirror Mirror’ and its own excellent previews. The story is a dark twist of the original, there’s the Evil Queen who takes over kingdom and imprisons Snow White who conveniently escapes only to be hunted by the hired Huntsman. The evil queen Ravenna is excellently and villainously played by Charlize Theron who needs to consume Snow White’s heart to be young forever. Kristen Stewart, although pretty enough to become Snow White, was tedious to watch as she still had not come out of the ‘Bella’ shell. She still had that lazy looks as well the emo nuances. Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, still had massive shades of Thor in him but his acting was very much convincing and fit the role of the gruff dirtbag of a hunter albeit with a good heart.

Initial act was boring and seemed like aeons when the movie finally picked up the pace. Even then it had huge pacing issues till the end. Rupert Sanders’ direction is to be blamed here as he jumped on and off the ‘being better directed’ wagon. At times the movie seemed very intriguing and the next it loses its pace to endless heroic speeches and stuff. I liked it when they meet the 8 dwarves and each dwarf was portrayed by well known actors such as Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan & Toby Jones. Of which, Eddie’s & Toby’s dwarf duo was a good comic relief. Yet again all the actors were digitally dwarfed and it never felt authentic and felt very out of place.

The Dark Forest was less ‘dark’ and more foggy and it was another let down compared to the Fairy Forest which was colourful and a pleasantry to the eyes. It still had major CG issues though and most of the CG felt forced and flawed not blending well into the scenes. Action sequences were given the motion blur treatment and was a pain to watch making us figure out who’s fighting who. And thank god it wasn’t in 3d. Most of the scenario were dark it’d have been a pain in the neck to watch em in 3D.

Snow White & The Huntsman, in the end, is one of the major let downs of the summer. Making it dark never made it better. Watch it for Charlize Theron being the sheer evil Ravenna and CG sequences. There’s nothing more to it than that.


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