Project X: What I Thought!

Hot on the heels of ‘Chronicle‘ comes another handheld camera movie and this time its neither a Horror movie, nor a Thriller; its a Teen Sex Comedy. Behold ‘Project X’, 3 teens decides to host a party for one of em’s birthday, score some  p*$$y and be the coolest dudes at Pasadena High and everything, just as always, never goes the way they planned.

Its what I’d like to call ‘Another-Fuck-Up’ movie. We have seen enough enough of them already, havent we? We have seen the genuinely funny ‘The Hangover’ and its disgrace of a sequel ‘The Hangover 2’, we have seen Tom Cruise getting screwed in ways unimaginable in ‘Risky Business’…so what makes Project X special? Well its coz the leads in the movie have minimal acting experience and still they make it fun to watch. The main leads are your Teen-Sex-Comedy-Stereotypes…there’s the rich nerd, the Stifler, and the fat loser. The party these 3 kids hosts is a real spectacle though and it soon grows outta proportions, outta the world and there you go: you’ve got your plot!

The Party which soon goes outta control is in itself a scene stealer and that’s exactly what livens and ploughs the movie forward. I really felt the spirit of the party. Add to that some of the best soundtracks, makes you wanna party right then and there specially Kid Cudi’s ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ & Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Heads Will Roll’ breathing a whole new life to the party scenes. This is exactly how a party outta control shoulda look and the debutant director Nima Nourizadeh couldnt have done it better. He infuses all the right elements of a teen-sex-comedy in the right balance so you’ve got your booze, drugs, hot girls gone wild (& loads of nudity) and all sorts of crazy stuff going on around which creates the perfect party pandemonium and the sheer scale of it by the end of it all proves just that. Cliches aplenty and having its share of unfunny bits the movie is very much predictable. Project X also advantages from good editing which makes the party fun to watch. I felt the ending was bit stiff and makes it a little too hard to believe.

Ultimately though Project X will be just stamped as a teenage sex-com and nothing more than that. I consider ‘Eurotrip’ & ‘American Pie’ as the best of the genre and believe me ‘Project X’ comes nowhere to near to them but expect nothing from it and you’ll have a better time watching it. I wouldn’t say its an average movie, I’d say its a better made movie which made it carve its own niche in the genre.


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