Men in Black 3: What I Thought!

It has been a decade since the last Men In Black movie and a lot has changed in this new sequel. Usually ‘change’ is rather good for a franchise…though definitly not the case with Men In Black 3. Gone are the cheesy and whacky humor. Gone are the aliens-amongst-us-jokes.

There’s nothing to the plot than what’s shown in the previews. Will Smith seems to waver, solely carrying the movie forward. Its only until Josh Brolin, as Young K, kicks in the film actually picks up pace. There was unlimited scope for Josh Brolin’s Agent K, he does an uncanny impression of a 29 year old Tommy Lee Jones but was never completely utilized. ‘A Serious Man’s Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin made for some pleasant sequences as well as the much needed comic relief. Severely underwritten roles especially of Agent ‘O’ both young and aged.  Emma Thompson as the aged Agent O was reduced to being just imbecilic and Alice Eve as young Agent O seemed like she didn’t even know what she was doing in an MIB sequel. Jemaine Clement’s Boris The Animal could have been more intimidating villain but was another let down. He couldn’t pull off an ‘everything is at stake’ moment and even with 2 Borises in the film helped nothing to increase the threat level. Have to admit he had some nifty alien design built unto him though.

I’d been seeing a lot of ‘fish outta water’ sequences in recent flicks which actually came off as authentically funny (Read 21 Jump Street) and MIB3 definitely could have used some but missed out on all. Men in Black 3 falls short of everything we loved about the franchise. But it has its moments too and those are the very few rather glorious moments indeed that makes MIB3 a better watch; one of them being the finale.

Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones does return, donning those “last suits they’ll ever wear”, as Agents J & K saving the world from the (another) alien scum of the universe once again. Well this time though they couldn’t save the movie from its impending mediocrity.


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