Ishaqzaade: What I Thought!

There are some movies that you go in to watch, cross your fingers and be hopeful that it turns out good. Ishaqzaade was one among them, for me at least. The promos were promising, the leads were perfect, and the music & score was from someone who had been entertaining us all with his best. It could have been perfect. Ishaqzaade touches no where near to pefection but never a waste of time or money either.

Ishaqzaade stars Parineeti Chopra as Zoya & debutant Arjun Kapoor as Parma and as previously mentioned the leads and their chemistry were simply awesome. Pardon me if I am bragging but Parineeti Chopra is at her best here…gorgeous as ever and tackling the role of a feisty rebellious young girl to perfection. Her acting comes off as natural and convincing…be it romance, enraged or just being cutishly naughty. Its no news that she’s talented, we’ve already seen that in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. Arjun Kapoor on the other hand is someone to watch out for. He balances both a fiendish nuances and an adorable charm.

The film is heavily dependent and runs on the main leads and they do deliver their best. The supporting cast including Parma’s mom and Gauhar Khan (in a severely underwritten role) have been shadowed by the main leads. I am not saying it its bad…its a pleasure watching both Parineeti & Arjun on screen…their conflicts, their romance but the writers should have at least carved a niche for the supporting cast as well. Its not always a good idea to count only on the main leads.

Amit Trivedi’s splendid score and music gives the movie that much needed vibe. All songs are catchy enough to be hummable. The title track ‘Aafaton Ke Parinde‘ & ‘Ishaqzaade‘ particularly acted the soul of the movie. And to make things funky ‘Jhalla Wallah‘ & ‘Chokra Jawaan‘ have been added at the right moments. But ‘Pareshaan‘ was the one that made me hum time and again. Loved the music.

The first half of the movie was riveting indeed and it was kept interesting and entertaining up until the intermission. Although the second half suffers from a very underwritten script and thus lagging a bit. There were this extremely absurd moments where Parma & Zoya would just hug each other out in the midst of gunshots. And that’s where the predictability kicked in. It was obvious where director, Habib Faisal was taking it to. Indeed he did a great job setting the movie in a fictional North Indian village where two rival political factions reign supreme. And conveniently having Zoya on one faction and Parma on the other gave it that annoying Romeo & Juliet touch. Anybody who had seen enough Bollywood movies or having read the Shakespeare drama would know how its gonna end.

Well all said and done, Ishaqzaade is never a bad movie just because its predictable neither is it a ‘great’ movie just coz it has solid leads and a strong first half. Despite the unforgivably lazy-written second half…Ishaqzaade is adequately enjoyable nonetheless, thanks to Parineeti & Arjun.


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