The Avengers: What I Thought!

The Avengers is effing AWESOME! Go Watch it! Period!

The Avengers had been in the news for a while. People, including me, were skeptic how it’d turn out with so many superheroes crammed into one. Marvel had been laying the foundation for The Avengers since Iron Man in 2005 followed by The Incredible Hulk in 2008 and Thor & Captain America in 2011. While I consider Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk to be spectacular entertainers, Thor & Cap Am, I felt, only set the stage for the grand finale: The Avengers. Thor or Cap were NEVER boring…it had plenty of action and the characters were fleshed out well.

The Avengers works coz of the stellar performances & the chemistry between the ensemble cast especially Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston & Samuel L Jackson. Its easy to get lost considering a heavy cast plus an even stronger side cast including Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders & Gwyneth Paltrow but all of the characters are VERY well balanced and everybody has their moments…the ‘limelight’ has thus been shared! Though Mark Ruffalo steals some being Hulk and I felt that for a character that has only a single line of monologue it was brilliant indeed. He surpassed the standards set by Edward Norton & Eric Bana…being a truly subtle and pleasing Bruce Banner.

Be it Tony Stark’s funny, ingenious one-liners, Captain America’s patriotism or Loki’s sheer evil…every dialogue had a punch thanks to an exceptionally well written script. I especially loved Natasha aka Black Widow’s interrogation sequences…it was pure genius! The story doesn’t by any chance deserve an Academy Award but neither is it a mere excuse to stitch action sequences. Humour, drama or romance has been well squeezed into story and makes it worth the watch. There are some dialogue heavy scenes though it was essentially a good build up to the climactic battle. And the finale was just ORGASMIC in terms of action, VFX making it an absolute fanboy’s wet dream.

The score composed by Alan Silvestri was epic at times and at times a tad bit on the ‘meh’ side. Towards the end the music just provides you with a goosebumps gallore, syncing perfectly orchestrated heroic theme with the ton of action happening on the screen. The 3D, as usual, isn’t a must. I am sure The Avengers in itself will give you the essential action FIX but given a choice, go for the 3D coz there are indeed some scenes which looked striking in 3D.

On the downside I never got used to the whole Chitauri crowd. I am not spoiling anything here though I feel like I’d have to wiki them or to read more Avengers comics. I would have rather prefered Skrulls. Add to that the best scenes were already shown in the TV Spots and previews….it definitely did some damage to the over all experience…especially Robert Downey JR’s one liners. Yes, I know nobody asked me to watch all those TV spots and commercials…but it was hard not to…being a Marvel fanboy. 😛

Its no easy feat to stuff so much into a movie anticipated for decades and with this much fanbase. Making a movie which appealed to both die hard comic fans as well as casual movie goers needed the right concoction of excellent direction, splendid performances & a brilliant script. Luckily The Avengers has been brewed in such a way, all thanks to Joss Whedon, that it does everything right. Being a Marvel fan himself, Joss put all his sincere efforts to make this movie the epic it should be. He left no stone unturned adding all the essential elements for the ultimate blockbuster. Bless Him! 😛 There is not a single moment which lets you lean back and yawn. This is what a good entertainer should be and it will certainly set the standards for future comic-movie adaptations. I could rant about the movie some more but on the other hand would love to make you guys go watch it. I agree, superheroes arent for everyone but fanboy or not, The Avengers is the event of the month and you better not miss it at the movies. I wish I could watch the uncut 3 hour version at the movies…2 Hours 22 minutes was never enough!

PS: Make sure you sit back post credits; following the usual Marvel fashion there’s a wee bit snippet to be seen.


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