Carnage: What I Thought!

It’s been a long time I’d seen a movie so ingeniously made. No I am not talking about another Matrix or Memento or even Inception. I am talking about a movie which can, even with a paperthin plot, grab you by your throat and suck you into the narrative. Impressing you is one thing, the next feat is where a film-maker’s real talent lies…keeping you intrigued till the end. There need not be plot twists, neither a mind bending climax…it just needs to be entertaining. A movie is meant to entertain and all it needs to do is just that. Carnage, directed by none other than Roman Polanski, does just that. It is one of the few good movies that keeps you entertained from start to end without gimmicks such as SFX, novel camera angles or even an OST. There’s I’ve said it…now off you go, watch the movie.

Ah…I see you need a little more convincing. Well here goes….the premise is thinner than paper actually. Two couples have a casual meeting following a fight that broke out between their kids which ended up in one of the kids’ injury. What starts of as a casual conversation between the two couples starts off civilized then against each other, against their own spouses and ends in total pandemonium. The topic in question spirals down to their own issues. The meeting was intended to be short but its fun to see how these couples gets drawn back to discussions & arguments everytime they prepare to leave.

The thing about the movie is that nobody is trying to make you laugh. There are no cheap jokes…there’s nothing intended to make you laugh…not at least directly. These are just characters making normal conversations but its their idiosyncrasies that make you laugh and Polanski has yet again done a wonderful job. The dialogues are spot on and the cast couldn’t be better. Christoph Waltz & Kate Winslet plays The Cowans and we have ‘The Longstreets’ played by John C Reily & Jodie Foster on the other side of ‘the ring’. I can’t say who outperformed whom here because every actor was at their best here. But I still have to say Christoph Waltz’s acting was impeccable…each and every dialogue he said had that essential impact whether it be mocking the Longstreets or lashing back at his own wife.

The score was mostly absent but never made the movie less interesting. The only bit of euphony was when the film started rolling and it was pleasant.

Believe me if that wasn’t convincing enough for you to watch the movie…I don’t know what is. Kudos to Roman Polanski!


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