Angry Birds Space: What I Thought!

If you didn’t know about Angry Birds by now…you can go back under that rock of yours and sleep for another 10 years or so. Developed by then unknown Rovio, Angry Birds was introduced to Apple’s iOS line of products and then later spanning across almost all devices including Android Phones, Tablets, PSP, PC and consoles. Angry Birds has been the killer app for almost all devices out there. Two more games, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, were released to almost all platforms starting off an unstoppable Bird flu all over the world. Angry Birds had already become a force to reckon with. Hatching up a range of merchandises like plushies, tees, slippers, bags, keychains, pillows, lunchboxes, cookbooks, toys and whatnot, Angry Birds had seized the market by a storm by last year. Off lately the Angry Birds games were losing heat and Rovio had to come up with something entirely new than Dragons, Mighty Eagles or Blu/Jewel. Angry Birds just had to be back on the game!

Enter Angry Birds Space, an entirely new adventure set in a whole new world or worlds. A lavishly animated sequence in the beginning, briefs how these short tempered birds ended up in space in their new avatars. From there on its space-slingshot-wars against those nasty pigs in all its glory. Rich Worlds are in abundance in Angry Birds space….with a new Level Select UI that awfully looked like Rocket Bunnies. The Angry Birds themselves, with their revamped abilities plays out like a charm and looks way too cooler, with new sound effects and eerie ambiance to accompany the space setting. The pigs are also not without their arsenal ranging from helmets to space suits and little stone popping space rovers.

Gravity & Zero Gravity plays equal parts in the gameplay and adds a very much needed novelty to the franchise. Puzzles are varied and have a whole different angle when you play it in zero G which also comes off as slightly frustrating at times. As its in space the tangent of the swung birds are diverted with the smallest of obstacles which actually makes you think ahead before you launch those angry critters. New birds likes the Ice Bird and Laser Bird among the cast with their own unique abilities.

I started playing off Angry Birds Space lazily and I was hooked onto it for hours. 60+ levels to play is nothing short a good satisfying playtime. I played the same on the PC was a bit disappointed to see the backgrounds less sharp. Hope they fix it soon. Rovio has undoubtedly come up with another winner…and simply calling it ‘addictive’ would be dire injustice.


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