Kahaani: What I Thought!

I went in for Kahaani a wee bit skeptical. Skeptical, as in how much thrilling a woman unraveling a mystery about her missing husband could get but I was blown off my feet with the initial scene itself. Even the title screen had that rare vibe that this isnt your run of the mill thriller.

The movie starts off with Vidya Balan playing Vidya Bagchi arriving from London at the Kolkata International Airport, pregnant and stumbling, it already kicks in the right sentimental and sympathetic notes…stranger in a strange city and off to a stranger quest. Instead of going to a Hotel she goes to straight to the Police Station to report of her missing husband and from there it spirals down a vortex of mysteries out of which you’d never want to climb out of. The plot thickens every minute and its hard not to sit at the edge of your seat towards the end of the movie. The story felt as a refreshing change from that of your usual ‘Bollywood thrillers’…it was on par with a Hollywood thriller. I wont be bragging anymore about the story as its one to be enjoyed thoroughly promising enough twists and turns in Mrs Bagchi’s every step through Kolkata.

Vidya Balan after her infamous ‘The Dirty Picture’ steals every frame she is in as a one-woman-show, playing a convincingly pregnant Vidya Bagchi. You can’t help but sympathize with her genuinely playing a pregnant woman in search of her husband and at the same time she successfully portrays a cornucopia of emotions which makes you even more close to her character. From rage, to being motherly, playful and to complete desperation, Vidya’s acting talents is something that will never disappoint anyone. Accompanying Vidya is Parambrata Chatterjee as Rana, a gentle, well mannered and sincere Police recruit. Parambrata is someone to lookout for as he plays his character so credibly and naturally. I especially loved the sequences where Rana was getting attached to Vidya…he smiles during a tram ride thinking of her, holds her hand and guides when she slips, even the ones where he gets calls from his mom every night he goes home after work, these little things add to such a beautiful narrative. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays an unrelenting Intelligence officer Khan who makes you grit your teeth everytime he spews abuses. Noteworthy mentions include  a creepy character which I’ll let you to find out for yourself. The characters are so fleshed out that once you get sucked into the plot its hard to imagine that these are actors just playing their roles.

Kudos to Sujoy Ghosh, he mixes and mashes up genres to invoke the right emotions in you which could have easily turned to pulp had it not been taken carefully. Kolkata felt almost like a living entity. Rich visuals and cinematography made it possible to show all the shades of Kolkata and it was indeed something to behold. The Score was just enchanting leaving you with a thumping heart at tense moments while touching the more sensitive side at times of Vidya’s despair.  ‘Aami Shotti Bolchi’ had that essential groove adding to the intro.

Kahaani is one of the best movie experiences I had this year. The more you delved into the plot the more thick it got, ending in one helluva finale which made me feel like I was hit by a meteorite. Sujoy made sure there weren’t any plotholes when you look back. When a movie is so splendidly made there is no need for myself being biased. Myself, being a die hard Vidya Balan fan, had a wonderful time. Hell, I had more goosebumps on me watching Kahaani than ‘The Dirty Picture’. I could go on ranting some more about ‘Kahaani’  but I leave the rest for you to watch. I can, with no remorse whatsoever, proudly say that this is something you should never miss watching at the movies.


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