My Week with Marilyn: What I Thought!

Marilyn Monroe: Everybody’s dream girl; Diva! Gorgeous, talented and absolutely spellbinding; there be little who didn’t know her. And a little less who didn’t know ‘her life’. ‘My Week with Marilyn’ successfully illustrates a portion of what went offscreen in her life.

The story follows Colin Clark, a 23 year old British ‘boy’ whose passion for working in the movie industry gets himself a job as a 3rd assistant director in a movie The Prince and the Showgirl’ with Marilyn Monroe in the lead. Just like any other man Colin is drawn towards Marilyn despite her erratic behavior on the sets as well as home leading to an inevitable relationship blooming between them within a week. The plot doesn’t delve deep into Marilyn’s life but still promises an eyeful of her drug and drinks ridden disturbed character. Though still its not without flaws, a movie liked could be a little bit longer than the 90 minute bar thus fleshing out more of the characters in it. At times I felt the scenes were edited a bit too much which made the overall movie experience rushed. The dialogues were top notch hitting the right notes at the right times.

I just can’t keep this in for too long…Michelle Williams is absolutely just as jaw dropping as Marilyn herself. She ingeniously portrays the little (and sometimes huge) nuances that Miss Monroe had. It was a joy to see Michelle in each frame as Marilyn. Its amazing how she quickly transforms from an adorable, jovial, innocent Marilyn to a disturbed & vulnerable one seeking love thus successfully pulling off a complex character. Even her “Gee”s & subtle/sensual dance moves keeps you entertained. Kenneth Branagh was just as impressive playing Lawrence Olivier, so was Eddie Redmayne playing Colin Clark, the heart of this movie. He’s definitely a star in the making. The supporting cast was strong & perfect in the form of Emma Watson, Judie Dench and Dominic Cooper which made it a pleasant watch.

I just loved the melodious score from Conrad Pope setting the mood for the movie. Accompanied by tracks performed by Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Michelle Williams it was sweet to the ears as well.

I admit I haven’t seen much of Director Simon Curtis’ movies but ‘My Week with Marilyn’ marks him as one to be followed. My Week With Marilyn is not the best made movie on the legendary Marilyn Monroe but comes of as a splendid entertainer and a peep into the diva’s periled life. Michelle Williams does deserve an Academy Award this year.


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