The Descendants: What I Thought!

The Descendants Review

Directed by Alexander Payne, ‘The Descendants’ stars George Clooney in one his best performances till date. He plays Matt King, a Father/Husband who is deeply ruffled with his wife in coma and his job as a trustee to an ancestral land. Add to the already periled life, his two daughters, the movie winds to an entertaining romp. Confused, ridden with grief and searching for a plethora of answers for his problems, George Clooney never seemed like he was acting; He was living the role and that exactly was the movie’s USP.

Alexander Payne’s talent to blend in humor in the most gloomiest of scenes makes it a treat to watch. I havent seen much of his movies, the exceptions being ‘Election’ and ‘Sideways’ which I thoroughly enjoyed, ‘The Descendants’ had almost the same quality. In Descendants, he stitches together a set of believable characters in an unbelievably real world with the best dialogues. Now that’s something that deserves an Academy Award and I am sure its gonna grab atleast a couple of them.

Coming back to the cast, apart from Clooney the supporting actors were some of the best I’d ever seen. Especially his daughters, Alex & Scottie. Alex played by Shailene Woodley is a stereotypical teenage ‘swear-a-alot’ daughter and Scottie played so sweet by Amara Miller is an innocent 10 year old trying to find happiness and getting through in the grim of times. The little critters makes Matt’s life both miserable and worthwhile.

Emotions run haywire towards the end and you could almost feel the person sitting next to you sob with a happy tear. One of the best seriocomedies since his own ‘Sideways’, Alexander Payne’s ‘The Descendants’ makes for a splendid watch all the while promising genuine laughs and a surreal drama. There’s no wonder it has gotten itself a Golden Globe award already and is obviously a worthy contender to this years’ Academy Award nominations for Best Picture & Best Actor.


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