Underworld Awakening: What I Thought

underworld awakening review

I was just blown away after watching Underworld Awakening…not coz it was good, coz it showed me how exceedingly pathetic a mediocre, but enjoyable, franchise could get.

After the very avoidable prequel, Underworld Rise of the Lycans, this years Underworld Awakening stars Kate Beckinsale, back, as our not-so-friendly-neighborhood vampire clad in tight latex suit. Ofcourse its pure eyecandy…but it gets tiresome to see her drape on another trenchcoat and move onto the next action setpiece.

Frankly the plot is non-existent. Calling the movie’s plot ‘paperthin’ would be an overstatement. I had enjoyed Underworld & Evolution and even Rise Of the Lycans (being a prequel, atleast brought some novelty to the franchise). Awakening, here pure lazy…I was reminded of X-Men The Last Stand with vampires and werewolves.

A sequel is a chance to introduce something new, making it more intriguing while making right past wrongs. Underworld Awakening does nothing of that sort here instead it tries to cover up issues and plotholes of the franchise with beefed up action sequences…which btw isn’t anything new. Its the most mildly entertaining sequel I’ve seen in recent times.

PS: Hell if I had to see the huge Lycan sequences..I’d rather play as a werewolf in Skyrim.


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