Saints Row The Third: What I Thought!

saints row the third review

In a Dog-Eat-Dog world of Video Games…its next to impossible to come up with a new IP yet make it fun. Especially when its ruled by genre giants like like Rockstar’s GTA Series.

Saints Row The Third is pure fun even when it heavily borrows the core mechanics from GTA. Another thing SR3 proves is that ‘Sex Sells!’ & the game unrealistically depicts helluva lot of that which ranges from minor sexual innuendos to a dildo-weapon. CRUDE is defined here and SR3 has it in abundance and you cant help but laugh at some of them, if not all. If you do get offended then this kinda ‘FUN’ is NOT for you.

The character customization is over thr top. It was mind boggling, the way you could customize your character. From generic build & sex appeal to voices and personality and it doesnt even stop there…own properties like plastic surgery clinics and you can change your character’s attributes anywhere in the game. Buy a SR3 Merchandize shop and you get loads and loads of outfits and accesories. Its amazing how much time you’ll end up investing on customizing your character. Once you build your character then all hell breaks loose. I really loved my character..not that I cared much but ‘she’ looked & sounded uber cool.

When you are having this much fun..who’d be bothered about the story right? Sadly I do. Saints Row The Third, unlike GTA 4 or Mafia 2, doesnt have the best story. It has loads of set piece moments which are guaranteed to awe you and make you think you are part of a huge story…its not and the story falls flat towards the middle and ends in a confusingly retarded ending. Humor plays a major part in the story and its crude yet delightful. There are some cheesily written lines but some others did make me lol. If there’s one thing that SR3 is not, its Monotonous. The game’s missions are so varied and fun to play that you are gonna spit at those helicopter missions from GTA series.

Talk about vehicles, you get an assortment of cars, SUVs, bikes, helis and Jets along with a hover craft and a fun Pixel Tank. Need a car?..get it delivered right to you. Made the car a scrap..go to your nearest crib and get one of the same. Apart from the main story there are tons of other fun activities laid all around the vast fictional ‘Steelport’ city. The game constantly rewards you for playing it means of ‘Repect’ or cash. Respect is nothing but a rename of the XP which lets you level up. Another thing I really liked are your AI teammates coming to help you out at tough times. They are not the brightest but there are some stiff moments your character could use a ‘hand’ (get it? :P)

This is a great stress-buster game if you are just bored outta your wits playing GTA or Mafia. You don’t need your brain or brawn here…just switch off your reasoning & gaming strategies, go in guns blazing and start having FUN. SR3 guarantees just that!


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