The Dirty Picture: What I Thought!

Milin Luthria’s The Dirty Picture is a sleazy, shameless, semi-biopic of the south siren ‘Silk Smitha’ portrayed by the ever amazing Vidya Balan. Well yeah its shameless and sleazy..and that exactly is the movie’s USP. I wouldn’t say its ‘bold’ though…yes Vidya Balan was ‘bold’ shedding her cloths for a movie as mediocre as this. We already have ‘Delhi Belly’ for bold.

Vidya, as ‘Silk’ portrays the role with utmost sincerity…and she leaves ‘nothing to the imagination’ and it adds to the shock value of the movie. Its a Vidya Balan avatar you are not likely to forget anytime soon.
The movie’s first half packs a punch, showing the village girl Reshma’s ride to a sleazy stardom…becoming ‘Silk’. The second half drags a bit thanks to the lazy script which adds nothing more to the ‘inevitable demise of Silk’ in contrast to the riveting first half. Director Milin Luthria took his liberty to commercialize the movie being faithfull to the movie’s ‘title’. If it was taken aesthetically all the cheesy n lewd one liners would have been chucked out. Though all we get here is Silk’s side of the story and at the end of it all, confuses us to either feel bad for her or not.

I am a hardcore Vidya fan and I am both down and glad at the same time. Down..coz she had to shed her ‘take me to your mom’ image (and most of her outfit) for a mediocre movie. Glad, coz she gave an outstanding performance. Especially towards the end, the way she gains weight being an alcoholic/chain smoker, no other actress would go to this length for portraying a role. A simple kudos to Vidya isn’t enough for this. Watch it for Vidya Balan…Period! Trying hard not to be biased I’d add that the movie will be pure eyecandy for Vidya Fans and not..alike. ‘Titillating’ would be an understatement for most of the scenes.

Brownie points for Nasrudeen Shah playing an aging egoistic superstar. Imran Hashmi had limited screen time but made the most of his role (I never thought I’d be saying that). The music matches the timeline and cheesiness and is in sync with the visuals…coz hate it or not…you are gonna hear a lot of people already humming/singing ‘Ooh la la’ post release.

Milin Luthria’s The Dirty Picture is enjoyable for its very first half and a ‘whole lot of Vidya’. Apart from that there’s nothing more to it than some interwoven skinshow.


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