The Best of OST | 2011

Have always been intrigued and obsessed with OSTs. Favorites have already been mentioned in old posts.

Here are some of the must-listen-to OSTs & tracks of 2011 so far..
Some of them you’d have to search high and lo to as its not listed in the albums.


 Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch, despite being what Zack Snyder promised, is an adolescent boys’ wet dream. Cute girls in sexy mini skirts and school girl outfits, brain-liquefying CG and loads of action.  Personally I didnt like the movie in terms of visuals or story…yes the direction is noteworthy.  One thing I do remember after watching this movie is the awesome scores and the OST.

Notable Tracks:
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Emily Browning
The first sequence, if without this track, would be as bland as the rest of the movie.

Crysis 2

IDK how many times Iv played and re-played the original Crysis…everytime I changed a PC hardware, I just had to check it with this ‘coolest looking game then&now’.
Crysis 2 ups the ante with optimised graphics and really really flexible gameplay. Add to that a theme composed by Hans Zimmer and reminiscent suited score…it makes one epic of a game.

Notable Tracks:
SOS New York – Epic and anthemic this track packs all the punch & passion put into this game. Starting as a meloncholic violin thats builds up to a more serene and bursts out to an awesome goosebump-inducing tune.
Epilogue – The main theme composed by Hans Zimmer in incorporated in this song.
New York, New York – B.O.B (feat Alicia Keys) (Not included in the OST)


Chemical Brothers should get brownie points for composing a score so awesome and suited to the each and every one of the movie’s scenes. Seemed as if the action was choreographed to the score or vice versa…and I meant in every move. These are not sound effects added to the punches and moves..I am talking about all the right notes at the right time. Simply exhillarating… If there was one OST, after TRON Legacy, I kept listening to this year…it would be HANNA’s.

Notable Tracks:
Container Park – The score from ‘Container Park’ scenario from the movie…with all the disturbing
– Escape 700
The Devil is in the Details – An innocent & playful sounding track composed as a theme for a maliciously evil character… Now that’s fun…this track will cling onto you after u watch the movie.
The Devil is in the Beats

Kungfu Panda 2

Han Zimmer did it again…with John Powell. Eventhough the OST is filled with Chinese overtones and scores, Kungfu Panda 2’s OST is as hilarious as the movie itself. Mixing action tracks amidst fast chinese music..this is one way to relive the fantastic CG movie.

Source Code

Source Code, right from the titles, were so similar to M.Night’s ‘Devil’. 15 minutes into the movie the music also seemed familiar as it had that James Newton Howard touch to it. It was a good intellectual movie though still lacks on some level with some plotholes here and there. I mean every intellectual movie cant be as perfect as Inception right?
Though what I thouroughly enjoyed was Source Code’s trailer theme composed by The Methodic doubt..who has done a whole bunch of trailer music before too.

Notable Tracks:
The Ever U – Methodic Doubt

The Hangover 2

The Hangover’s OST was awesome…from Florida’s Right Round to The Wolfmother’s Joker and a Thief. Although Hangover 2’s OST lacks a bit overall but still packs some good songs worth all the penny(s) listening to.

Notable Tracks:
Allentown – Ed Helms
Stronger – Kanye West
Tron Legacy R3conf1gured

WHOA! Tron LEGACY was the one OST I just can’t stop hearing since I first heard it. Initially skeptic about Daft Punk handling Tron Legacy’s soundtrack and score, I was dragged into the GRID’s authentic sound composed by Daft Punk. The soundtrack seamlessly merges into the visuals and is eye-ear-candy at its best. If you have’nt heard Tron LEGACY OST…I highly recommend you listen to it.
Tron Legacy R3congf1gured are the collection of remixed tracks from the original… Popular Djs and artists including The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, Moby etc, has contributed to this, making Reconfig as awesome as the original.

Notable Tracks:
Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix) – This remix boosts the BASS like of the original wavering between slow and fast of the original Solar Sailer…its a great listening pleasure.
Tron Legacy (End Titles) (Sander Kleinenberg Remix) – The original was electronica at its best…one of the best in the OST..the remix revamps and makes a much more varied listening experience.
Encom Part 2 (Com Truise Remix)

Pirates of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides

Guilty Of Being Jack Sparrow (DJ Earworm Remix) – Hans Zimmer
X-Men First Class

X-Men First Class was a true genre defining superhero movie I’ve seen in recent times.
First Class redefines Superhero movies and its own predescecors. Composed by Henry Jackman, the score is just phenomenal and one of the most pleasurable listening experience this year. It touches all the right moods viewing this movie…thrills and serenity the most.

Notable Tracks:
First Class – The original theme is very passionate…mixing elements from other tracks this could be considered the Audio Trailer equivalent of the OST.
X-Training – This track is fast, intense and inspiring just like the training sequences from the movie…with a pinch of romance in between.
Magneto – This track suits the Metal Controlling Freak at its best…Evil, Menacing and at times revealing his lamenting past.
Sub Lift – Amidst the most action packed scenes of all…this track’s initial subtle chords gave me goosebumps…before it drowned me in all chaos.
Dead Island Trailer Theme

Dead Island preview had a subtle and emotional touch to it…yes it was cheesy and the emotion it attained was via cheap sentimental moments..but the background score was just mesmerising and in perfect sync with the visuals. You felt…awe, sympathy, gloom and unexplicable terror all within the trailers 1 or 2 minute duration.

Dead Island Theme by Savalas is a melodious example of pure unadulterated score blended with the visuals to recreate the emotions intended by the directors.
Deus Ex Human Revolution
The game was enjoyable. But the OST was far beyond that. Michael McCann could be the Hans Zimmer of Game composers. The tracks are absoutly spellbinding, ambient at times and full fledged tracks at other.
Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut Trailer – Michael McCann


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The fifth in the series, Skyrim pulls into its world filled with Dragons, Nords and Daedra…and Kings and mythical beasts and everything else in an fantasy RPG and guess what it clutches by your throat and never lets you go. This game will chew and spit out your social life…atleast for 100 hours. Yes, World of Warfraft does it time and again…but its an MMO… What you get here is strictly single player and the game makes you, indeed, feel like a Hero. The immersion level is dependent on how much you time you invest in the game’s mechanics…though you’d have to admit that the score is stupendous…even if you are not an audio enthusiast…you’d subconciously be influenced by this game’s powerful and heroic score composed by Elder Scrolls’ veteran composer Jeremy Soule.


Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City’s OST is filled with absolutly wonderful songs. Some of them really portrays the mood and tone of the game. Most of the tracks are licensed though there were some that was specifically recorded for the game.

Panic! At the Disco – Mercenary is one track that actually has that kinda vibe…it captures the grim mood of the game and it also had Hugo Strange’s lines perfectly blended with the tracks’ lyrics.



Excerpt from Bastion What I Thought!

“The soundtrack is phenomenal and it really gets groovy and serene when u are immersed in the game. I have to say this again…listen to the soundtrack in the games’ website…you wont be disappointed.”


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