The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn: What I Thought!

“That was the best time I had at the movies in recent times.”

TinTin is an awesome movie. The movie captures the same spirit of the Herge’s celebrated comics. Yeah I had to get used to the CG eyes instead of the beady eyes from the comics..but despite that it was a wise decision to make it CG. TinTin, Haddock, Thomson & Thomson…and even Snowy are the best animated characters this season…thanks to the brilliant motion and face capture. Watching the movie it was hard not to imagine that they are characters sprung from the comics…the character models were so lifelike and add to that vivid locales…you’ve got the best looking CG movie of the year.

One thing I loved is the breakneck pace the movie had…TinTin and the characters were never at rest…giving authencity and sincerity to the term ‘Adventure’. There was never a moment not exciting. Each frame had more happening in the locales the characters were put in. Make sure you notice other characters in the scene…their hilarious deeds may go unnoticed.

I have to say that TinTin had the best voice overs. Jamie Bell did a fair job voicing TinTin..Thomson & Thompson, hilariously done by Simon Pegg & Nick Frost duo. But it was Andy Serkis who stole the show…as Captain Haddock. Haddock was a living, breathing entity. I am sure Andy, who already played Gollum, King Kong & this years’ Caeser the Ape, is at his very best here. Most of his lines had me in splits.
Daniel Craig was mysterious & menacing playing Sakharine.

I watch movies for pure entertainment and am not a big fan of cinematography…but some of the shots in TinTin are truly awe-inspiring. Yes the freedom comes from the CG ofcourse…but kudos for those incredible shots.

John Williams’ score is spellbinding…a blend of noir and adventure with a twist of mystery. The music did wonders along with the excellently choreographed action sequences.
Watching it in 3D I was pleased. No more gimmicks…3D here gave the right depth and the made the ride sweeter.

All this proves that our dear ol Steven Spielberg has  still got it…after Indiana Jones 4 I’d thought the guy had been so obsessed with aliens he couldnt make another movie not featuring aliens. Going the Robert Zemeckis way…really did Steven wonders. Its good to see him back in form. Tintin made me a Spielberg fan again and I am itching to watch the sequel in a planned trilogy.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of thr Unicorn is an immensely joyful ride..and a worthy contender for this years’ Academy Awards. Entertainment & Film making is defined in each frame of this movie. This is one Adventure you dont wanna miss this year.

PS: The titles were done just perfect. It showed us what we were in store the most elegant, elaboratly planned and well executed 2D style. Reminded me alot of Spielberg’s own ‘Catch Me if you Can’s titles.


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