Immortals: What I Thought!

Directed by the visionary Tarsem Singh, who brought us visual wonders like The Cell & The Fall, Immortals does not disappoint a wee bit at all visually. The movie is filled with breath-taking art direction and eye candy throughout.

Its obvious that Immortals, based on Greek mythology, would be compared to ‘300’. Yes it follows the same mythology and yes it has same color tone and yes it has truckloads of ‘bluescreen wizadry’…but thats about it…’Immortals’ is very much different from ‘300’. Its about gods, demigods, titans and humans…its about how a ‘peasant’ fights his way through the impossible to immortality.

The cast is spot on be it Henry Cavill who excellantly takes on the role as Theseus (I’d say he could pull off a great Man of Steel) or Mickey Rourke as the evil king Hyperion. These 2 makes up for most of the cast that lacks..for example..Freida Pinto…I mean wasn’t Slumdog Millionaire proof enough that she cant act?
With that exception most of the side cast also were good…Be it Steven Dorff, Luke Evans & John Hurt playing a beardless Zeus and all. Oh that Decepticon bitch is back too…Isabel Lucas plays Athena..its good to see that she doesnt have a mechanical tail in this one.

Immortals has a paper thin plot, the usual lore of the ‘Zeus and The Titans’ backing it up (anybody who has played God of War will feel right at home), but the jargon and bits of philosophy it serves with it was unecessary.
Immortals has the best fight sequences in recent times..partly inspired by 300, the battles here feels less is more stylish though..especially the climactic battle. Expect alot of gore btw.

3D felt more like an addon than a necessity…I wont complain but Immortals will be just as good in 2D.

Expect alot of Tarsem’s unique visuals, VFX and Greek mythos..Immortals is as good and stylish as it can get.

PS: Btw The Indian Censorboard chopped off Freida Pinto’s only good scene.


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