In Time: What I Thought!

Andrew Niccol’s In Time has a heavy cast..though its just the good looking icing on a mediocre cake. Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Alex Pettyfr, Matt Bomer, Olivia Wilde, Johny Galecki are some of the big names in In Time. The plot is heavily inspired from Logan’s Run. Basically its a ‘Runner Movie’…the protagonists of the movie runs, escaping authorities and enemies alike…usually framed for a crime that they didn’t commit…in this case…they did commit a crime. In Time had all the essentials of a good sci-fi action had the a great cast, a good director, an excellent budget…though every element in the movie is under utilized..from the cast, to the brilliant concept to the over-used ‘time-centric pun’ dialogues.

Justin Timberlake fans are in for a treat…he did pull off a convincingly good action star. As for me…the eye candy was Amanda Seyfried…she’s a treat to watch..not a big fan of her haircut though. Alex Pettyfr just doesnt look menacing to be a member of the notorious ‘Minute Men’ but he tries his best though. Cillian Murphy chews the scenery though…I’d say he was the best choice for the role. Other big names could be considered ‘cameos’ having screen space for mere minutes…Matt Bomer, Olivia Wilde & Johny Galecki included.

The first half had a good vibe to it, having set the ‘Time is Money’ (I really loved how it worked out), the Time Zones divided via Time Economy and stuff. As I said before it had all the elements set for a brilliant, intellectual thriller though Andrew, who helmed something of a sci-fi masterpiece like Gattaca, was either being lazy to flesh out the plot or he was too concentrated on his next project. The movie is lazy in the second half..the pace that was built up in the first half breaks in the second with chase sequences after another with hell of a lot of plotholes. I was indeed counting on the plotholes when I realized that this wasn’t an intellectual movie and I’d rather ignore and go with the flow and enjoy it as much as I could.

The thought just lingers on in my mind as to how much better this movie could have been…SAD I’d to be barely content with what I saw. Its cliched, its flawed..but I see no reason why it cant be enjoyed..


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