Paranormal Activity 3: What I Thought!

Last years’ Paranormal Activity 3 had me dissapointed beyond anything…and this years’ ‘prequel’, despite the huge turnover at the BO, isnt much different. Creatively titled ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ and with a tagline “It runs in the Family”, even the audiences could have woven up a whole lotta interesting plot than the directors and scriptwriter. My hopes were marginally high for this prequel. Even if it was better by a meagre degree I would have approved it for a ‘sequel’. Basically its a flashback to Kadie and Kristi’s young days and ‘promises’ to explain the events leading to Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2. Let me be clear…Paranormal Activity 3 does nothing in revealing the past or the present of the first movie..instead all it does is give you a ‘MEH’ reason for how and why it all began…that too in an ambiguous manner. I am sure Paranormal Activity 3 forums on the net, by now, will be filled with discussions and assumptions of all sorts in the next few weeks. Hell, reading through those vivid interpretations would be far more interesting than the movie itself.

Paranormal Activity 3 is still formulaic…you still find your eyes fluttering through a supposedly still frame for any motion and scare yourself with your own imagination. Even with the slightest motion your mind goes into a vortex of thoughts of “Oh could that be…” or “That shadow had a horn and a tail” or “Yep, that was ‘it’ alright!”…or to more stupid assumptions like “The door just closed by itself..or did it?” or “That chandelier jus moved or was it the wind?” As with the previous movie, all the scares are left to you and how imaginative or graphic you can think up stuff.

The only innovative idea in this movie was a camera attached to an oscillating fan which pans from left to right and vice versa. It was an interesting technique alright…I for one, initially, was expecting a jolt everytime the camera panned to the left or right…like something is gonna pop up to scare you at the edge of the screen. Obviously the technique was underutilized and the same felt boring after a while. Though I have to add that the kid playing Kristi was nice…she delivered her lines with much more authenticity than the older kid playing Kady.

The utter dissapointment comes close in the climax though…I felt like throwing something at the screen when the genre was apparently twitched a little. I mean I could forgive the gazillion plotholes, but seriously the ‘tattle’ given in this movie was just lame.

Apart from a few jolts Paranormal Activity 3 does nothing to scare you. I still am intrigued as to what happened with the sisters and I’d rather like a clean slate than the revelation from this prequel but until then I suppose its better to shut this franchise off altogether. Paranormal Activity 3 is solid proof that the ‘found-footage’ movies arent working anymore. Paramount studios has already drained the udder dry..


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