Bastion: What I Thought!

PC Gamers are the last of game developers’ choice these days and from the recent titles like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Resident Evil and Capcom releases it was evident that the developers and publishers wanted to cash in more from the ‘Consolers’ giving them all the joyous pleasure of playing exclusive titles like Gears Of War, Halo or God of War. PC Gamers are like a ‘Plan B’ when these supposedly highly anticipated titles fails to garner notice or moolah from the ‘Consolers’. The developers, then releases a poor PC port and PC Gamers get all the mangled mess after being excited for months for them. That’s where AAA Titles, make way for arcade games…those little marvels engineered to near perfection where PC gamers can rejoice without all the hassles of waiting for months to get a mere MEH port.

Enter BASTION. Developed by SuperGiant Games, Bastion is the kinda game that just yearns to be played and enjoyed immensely. Bastion is essentially a hack n slash RPG action/arcade game. There’s not much plot other than to move forward hack slashing enemies, racking up experience and just enjoying. It can be considered as a game without much depth but the more you play the more u see the the depth unfolding. The RPG factor is the icing on the cake here…if not for the RPG elements Bastion would have been considered just another hack-slash game. But it gives u a chance at upgrading and choosing ur weapons, a bit of potions and increase the hitpoints and damage makes Bastion a solid entertainer. I
Its a game published by Warner Brother’s Games and it shows. The level of polish is just amazing. I even mailed Amir Rao, one of the guys behind Bastion, appreciating this little gem of a game. It seems ‘Crayon Physics’ and ‘LIMBO’ was only a start…PC Gamers doesnt need to get their hopes not a big fan of RPG but in Bastion it gave me the rare satisfaction I had always missed in other games.
The graphics are just gorgeous to look at..colorful and painted-like the environments and levels are the main attraction of this game…and that too in smooth HD. And yes there is narrator that keeps ur company throughout the game narrating in the most sarcastic tone about whatever your protagonist does. The amount of humor that this game incorporates along with a very pleasant gameplay makes it ideal for kids as well as grown-up-boys like me. The soundtrack is phenomenal and it really gets groovy and serene when u are immersed in the game. I have to say this again…listen to the soundtrack in the games’ website…you wont be disappointed.



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