Drive: What I Thought!

I began watching Drive on a lazy Sunday evening…And it caught me by my throat and pulled me in… From the opening heist-drive sequence with the throbbing ambience, the stellar cast, the pink girly fontfaced titles, the retro synth pop score to the elusive protagonist…its a perfect action thriller. Though DRIVE is strictly old school and there might be people who would prefer a Transporter movie, with high-speed car chases, Michael Bay explosions and stuff, to this one. Though without further ado…Drive is a must watch movie.

Ryan Gosling, as ‘Driver’, drives the plot forward and yes he is good indeed both with the plot and cars. As I said, the Driver character is a tough role to pull off and Ryan did it with old-schoolness mixed with a this-gen-whackiness. It was often difficult to predict what the Driver would do next given the set of circumstances in the movie.

The plot is nothing much to brag about but its serves the purpose of entertaining to the core. The cast also includes Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman and Christina Hendricks. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is a sight for sore eyes as ever, playing a father-figure for Ryan. I was skeptic about Albert Brooks being a better villain than Ron Perlman..but as it turns out he was threatening & beguile as any of the best villains from Hollywood. Screen space is still allotted in abundance to Ryan though..a well fleshed out role I’d say.

Refn’s outstanding edited sequences are something to look out for…stylish and fresh these sequences makes the movie stand out among others from the same genre. These sequences, if not done correctly could be walking away from the stylish line and more towards ‘the cheesy & confused’. Though apparently Refn has handled it so fine to the point DRIVE wouldn’t have been DRIVE if not for those.

Cliff Martinez’ soundtrack is spectacular & conspicuous and adds to the over-all Drive experience, exquisitely. I’d recommend the soundtrack to anyone who enjoys them and its very close to be on my Fav List. The songs featured in the soundtrack were a good selection of synth-pop and I absolutely loved them…especially ‘A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) by College’. Though I was let down when I didnt find the excellent ‘Hand Covers Bruise’ & ‘Intriguing Possibilities’ composed by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, originally from ‘The Social Network’ Soundtack not listed in the Drive OST…which was blatantly playing in one of the films critical sequences.

Despite the fact that I havent seen much of either Ryan Gosling or Nicolas Winding Refn movies…Drive gives a an excellent reason for me to follow Nicolas’ previous movies like ‘Bronson’ and ‘Valhalla Rising’. DRIVE had a noir taste to it but turned out to more than NOIR…its pure entertainment. Drive is the new definition of ‘SLICK’.


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