Warrior: What I Thought!

Last weeks’ splendid drama Contagion was followed by ‘Warrior’.

I was skeptical when I went for Warrior for a late night show, without knowing the synopsis, without watching a preview, a lesser known director(of course he’s got Pride & Glory under his belt but still) and second lead Joel Edgerton wasn’t promising either. Add to that my eyes felt heavy not coz it was boring but due to arduous sleep deprivation. But still I ended up immensely enjoying this movie based on MMA. Believe me when I say “I loved it” coz I am not a big fan of sports movies.

The story is cliched..yes..but the built up was just stupendously amazing. Amazing performances by all the 3 male leads…Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Of which Tom Hardy was the only thing that intrigued me to go for this movie…oh and yes he delivered! Seemed to me like Tom was prepping up for his big role next year…BANE! And evidently he has put in emotionally and physically much in this role. He is already BANE! And I’ll be glad to see more of him in The Dark Knight Rises.

I don’t remember watching a Joel Edgerton movie or TV Show…so obviously I was less impressed to see him in the initial parts of the movie..but the way he portrayed his role left a mark as adept as Tom Hardy.

Initially the movie was a tad bit slow…but compared to the fast paced and tense second half…the first was very well done…Gavin O Connor weaved the best of 3 intertwining lives of the 3 characters and the time and dialogues are well invested! I wont spoil any of the best sequences but Nick Nolte had some really nice ones. He snatched the scenes from both Tom and Joel whenever he was in the frame! Warrior is worthy of multiple Academy Awards and a worthy contender to any of this years’ best drama movies.



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