Contagion: What I Thought!

I was wondering, amidst all the recent action romps/comedy/thrillers there was NOT a single good drama movie. Contagion is a refreshing escape from the usual money-minting craps that Hollywood churns out. Contagion is a thriller/drama by Steven Soderbergh, one of my most favorite directors who crafts the most exquisitely cast movies ever…which includes Traffic and The Oceans Trilogy.

Soderbergh, evidently, is a master in weaving intertwined stories and a multitude of actors without breaking a pace. Even if Contagion doesn’t carry the charm of Oceans or Traffic…it still does everything right. Its a movie so grim that I did stop breathing at times. Although it had the reminiscence of a ‘zombie flick atmosphere’ it did bring out much more tense moments as it had to do more with reality. I mean the events in the movie could happen in this world…now, the next moment.

I say again…the casting is exhaustive and there comes the slight flaw of the movie…attachment with the characters weren’t possible as they went on and off scenes and some characters who were seen in the first half of the movie were nowhere to be found in the second half! The storyline is sturdy and Soderbergh-esque, and his prowess in mixing commercial content with documentary style is seen through out the movie.

All in all I am glad that I saw isn’t for everyone who goes to the movies expecting explosions and set piece moments or laughs. This isnt Oceans/Traffic..its a much more serious/grim depiction which has to be taken in with a pinch of the same.


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