Final Destination 5: What I Thought!

Back after watching Final Destination 5 and guess what.. I enjoyed it…at least more than those disasters that were Final Destination 3rd & 4th. Final Destination, the very first one was awesome…it was a thrilling ride with a solid storyline to boot and FD2 followed close to its heels introducing the sole survivor from the first movie to keeps things interesting. But FD3 and TFD (The Final Destination) was pathetic to say the least…even the 3D didn’t help the 4th movie out from its own demise at the BO.

FD5 is a refreshing change from its cliched prequels. Yes this one is cliched alright but in a good way and the changes it brought with it is far too enjoyable. The previous FD sequels were a montage of grotesquely-engineered-deaths with a ‘seen that before’ storyline stitching them together.

So when the awesomely well executed 3D titles started rolling I was like sitting there thinking ‘Here we go again’. By FD4 I was bored of those random death sequences, pattern of Death and u-cant-cheat-death crap…I mean when is the destination finally gonna be FINAL? Now in FD5 the moment the characters were introduced one by one I was thinking ‘poor sad bastards are all gonna die by the end of it’. But when the montages started it was pretty enjoyable…the least expected things causes the deaths and storyline takes a slight leap after halftime making things more intriguing. And yes towards the end u almost can predict the inevitable climax…but that addition was really cool.

Believe me this is one movie that did the 3D gimmicks right. It was the brightest 3D live action movie I have ever been to…the grotesquery-in-ur-face was really done well.

I woudnt say that this is the best sequel but after TFD I’d thought I’d seen the last of the series but things are definitly picking up the good pace in this one. FD5 is indeed a sight for sore eyes (all possible pun intended) 😛


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