Fright Night 3D: What I Thought!

I remember watching the original Fright Night (1985) 9 years back or so. And I loved the humor/horror elements of the the classic. The make up was so cheesy that I was wondering (at the time) to be scared of to laugh. Fast forward to Fright Night (2011)…guess what’s changed? Nothing, except the whole concept/cheesiness/humor has been made contemporary.

I’d say the casting was brilliant from Anton, Toni and David to the especially charming Imogen & Colin.

Anton is playing his usual self…a Geek! Toni’s character was underdeveloped but she made the best of it as Anton’s mom. ‘Peter Vincent’ from the original Fight Night was so damn awesome…but David Tennant who plays Vincent in this one is slightly less memorable but sufficed the role. Imogen Poots (lol…Poots!) is a sight to behold (read Gorgeous) and talented too btw…but she did much much better in ’28 Weeks Later’ in which she had much more screen time. Colin Farell saturates the movie…there couldn’t be a more charming yet menacing vampire (Rober Pattinson should learn a thing or two from him…better yet…DONT). The disappointing one was Christopher Mintz-Plasse playing Anton’s friend Ed. You see Ed from the original, if i remember correct, was this crazy guy who used to just jump around with energy in every scene (even after a supposedly twist) but Christopher’s Ed was like all the energy was sucked outta him…hell he looked asthmatic when he delivered his lines.

I felt the movie dragged a bit initially but it quickly picked up pace after 40 minutes or so. Adding cheesiness to the horror this time is the CG makeup and should be taken lightly. 3D is nonexistent but there were 2 scenes or so which held my attention and impressed me a wee bit and to spoil it they made the mistake of making it extensive in duration.

FN is nothing but a glorified remake of the original keeping intact everything its predecessor was LIKED for. So if you liked the original chances are you’d like this one too…else let it pass.



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