Cowboys & Aliens: What I Thought!

Well first things first…the movie is exactly about what I title suggests. So if u go in expecting an Old Western or a Spielberg Alien fest…dont be dissapointed.

I am a big fan of the ETs but I think It would have been more enjoyable if it was just an Old Western… Jon Favreau had all the ingredients right for an old western even Daniel and Harrison would have been great in an old western but what we got is a mangled mess of mixing ‘what could have been’ with ALIENS. The general tone of the movie was serious and Jon’s usual LOL moments were absent (unlike Iron Man). Olivia Wilde is proving to be one helluva eye candy as well as a talented actress…but its sad to see her role half-cooked. As are all the other characters’ roles especially Harrison Ford & Sam Rockwell. They were just following Daniel wherever he went. I wasnt expecting Harrison to do so little in this movie…I mean Daniel really stole his limelight. Oh btw I noticed that the young lad who played Ang from that M.Night Shyamalans ‘The Last Airbender’ was back with the same plasticity. At times I mistook him for a kid mannequin stuck in the frames.

The action sequences were ho-hum as was the score. Alien designs are ‘tough armored bipeds’ and nothing more to it. I am just wondering what were Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard & Brian Grazer doing as producers…I mean they could have given some excellant twists to the story rather than blow money for some CG sequences. Atleast then they could have minted some extra moolah outta the whole thing doing so.

Anyways as I said I enjoyed the movie partially, I went in expecting an EPIC came out gratified with some good old west moments and predictable Alien beat-em-up! C&A is enjoyable…but, only to a meagre degree.


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