Insidious: What I Thought!


‘INSIDIOUS’ is one of the better made horror movies in recent times. And one that genuinely tries to scare the shit outta you. There are no cheap monster-closets or in-your-face scares. Its all about ambience and atmosphere. The ambience and score is one of the most disturbing I have ever heard. Its not without flaws though. The movie’s second half, though better made, is still disappointing. It just cant match with the standards of the first half. While the first half was more atmospheric-horror, the second half is more visual and ruins the mood that was thus built up.

There were moments I failed to predict some scares…I’d pull my headphones a bit away from my ears awaiting a jolt but there wont be any and instead was startled in a totally unpredictable/seemingly ‘innocent’ scenario.

Couple this movie with a pair of good headphones and the dead of the night and you’ll be surprised at how many times it’ll startle u off ur seat.


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