Transformers Dark of The Moon: What I Thought!

Just back from the advance screening of ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ and I’ve got only one thing to say IT IS DOPE!

The best summer movie of this year…PERIOD!

I was paranoid, even after knowing that the movie was awesome from IGN and all. And the reason?…’Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’! I never bothered to watch it a second time. That movie had me sleeping at times…the only thing that kept me awake were the explosions and the slo-mo Megan Fox runs. πŸ˜›

‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ here is a real gem of the Trilogy. I wouldn’t say its got the best storyline but its more than enough to keep anybody entertained. The depth of story is much better than even the first movie…and that’s the only comparison I can credit ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ with. ‘Transformers’ was an origin story so it had its +s and it will remembered. What ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ did was take all the charm and flamboyance from the first movie…add a good measure of depth to the storyline…fleshed out characters…both humans and BOTS…add extravagantly SFX heavy action sequences and make it GRIM to the extend that it’s way above PG 13.

Do I have to say about action sequences…especially when its a Michael Bay Transformers movie? Brilliantly choreographed action sequences…and some of the most extensive yet. Loved the highway and building sequences the most and the climactic battle between the Bots towards the end is EPIC. I said ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ is GRIM…and I stand firm about what I said. This movie has some of the most violent and disturbing scenes involving BOTS and humans… The story is actually comicbook-ish but all the twists and turns of the plot gave away to a brilliant summer movie.

It was a great decision to chuck that plastic-doll Megan Fox out and to sign in Rosie Huntington Whitley…as a debutant she did twice-better, what Megan Fox did in previous 2 movies. And being a Victoria’s Secret model…I need not add that she is a stunner…She is damn HOT! Shia was his usual self…but his character’s evolution could be well seen in the films’ first moments. John Turturo, is a scene-stealer and provides the best laughs of the movie. I have no idea what Malkovich was doing in this movie…horrendous role…and horrendously wasted performance. New additions include Frances McDormand and she did fine as the authority-stubborn Govt official. Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Sentinel Prime’ oozes both patriotism & villainy. There was even a homage for him in the beginning of the movie…showing Spock on TV.

The SFX/Graphics/Detail are something to behold…some of the scenes are so gorgeous that you’d find yourself gaping at them. Ahh and yes the 3D…its effin awesome…’Transformers Dark of the Moon’ is bright, vivid and has some the brilliantly used 3D fx in mainstream cinema in recent times. 3D is not just an excuse for gimmicks in this movie…it really pays off. Go watch this in 3D and I promise you…you will like it and wont get your eyes hurt too πŸ˜›

I could go on ranting about Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and fellow Autobots as well as Megatron, Shockwave and his wretched Decepticon clan…but I’ll let you enjoy those.

”Transformers Dark Of The Moon’ is a notch above ‘Transformers’ and a gazillion notches above ‘Transformers Revenge of The Fallen’. Its not intellectual, its not even brain-teasin…its PURE ADRENALINE ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN!

M feelin sleepy now… Ciao… Goodnight y’all…

PS: That Camaro is gonna get me killed! Been drooling at it for the past 7 years! πŸ˜› There is nothing more I’d ever want! πŸ˜€


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