Cars 2: What I Thought!

Just got back after watching Cars 2. I am feeling sleepy and I have to say Cars 2 had a major role in making me feel so. I dont know why Pixar chose to make a sequel for the 2006s Cars (which was less charming than all other Pixar movies ever made) instead of a sequel for The Incredibles. Directed by John Lasseter I never saw a glint of his usual magic…all I ended up watching is a kinda spin-off movie…focusing less on racing…more on Mater and featuring a far-fetched convoluted plot (yes even by animation standards it is far-fetched). All I had were a few scattered laughs…due to the idiosyncrasies of the so called CARS. I still cant digest talking Cars people or real life animals for that matter. Yes in the first movie it was a novelty…and I thought it was better ended there.

Steve McQueen almost was non-existent…almost!!! It felt as if Owen Wilson was called in the last moment to voice-over as a cameo in yet another extended Pixar animated short. And I still don’t get why they tried so hard to get the Cars outta the racing courses and into an espionage world. It did nothing other than give some eye candy action sequences.

I feel really sleepy now..thanks to Cars 2. I wont say its a bad movie…it had its moments and there is ton more I could write about both good and bad. It could have been better if the right Pixar formula was applied..but I am maliciously happy to see that those guys are finally done with their monopoly over animated movies…at least for now.


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