HANNA: What I Thought!

HANNA is reminiscent of ‘The Bourne Identity’…except with a female lead. The director, Joe Wright whose previous works include wonderful dramas like ‘The Soloist’ & ‘Atonement’, has splendidly handled an action thriller with smooth ease. His subtlety shows frm d first moment on…n in almost every scene.

Saoirse Ronan saturates every scene she’s in..n handles both ruthlessness n sensuousness like no1 else. Eric Bana seems cozy with his father/trainer figure. Blanchett’s coldheartedness n nefariousness was in level with the theater’s AC. The action sequences were so brilliantly choreographed and each movement was in sync with the absolutely mesmerism score from The Chemical Brothers. It’ll, undoubtedly, will keep u on d edge of ur seats. Esp the ‘Container Park’ sequence with a splendid score entitled d same. The ending seemed a bit abrupt to me…it had loads of potential to be fleshed out but that wud ruin d subtlety this movie carried till then. Very pleased to watch an action movie so diverse.


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