The Hangover Part 2: What I Thought!

The Hangover Part 2 is a complete let down. So disappointing in everything. Its like they re-shot the whole movie…this time in Bangkok with a missing Asian guy and a smoking monkey instead of a Tiger. Nothings original here…its like I was sitting in the theater to watch Hangover yet again…though that’s exactly the reason why it was less funny. Especially as it was so predictable…hell they even had the same kickoff scene…I mean where did the bloody novelty go? There are funny moments alright but its more like smirk-moments. Zach Galifianakis’ Alan was reduced to a complete retard in this, compared to the ‘adorable genius with abnormalities’ from the first movie. Bradley Cooper is there as usual for glam and being plastic. Ed Helms did shine a bit until all his screaming became a tad bit boring. Ken Jeong was a ‘real comic relief’. And I was baffled as to what Paul Giamatti & Mike Tyson was doing in the movie. The Indian Censor Board chopped off all the supposedly lewd scenes making the movie more dull & less shocking. The previews had much more content than than the movie. There were loads of hilarious moments I could recall from the first movie but there’s close to none from this movie. I remember reading about some issues between the cast and the producers and directors and it shows. Even the soundtrack wasnt up to the mark…

The Hangover Part 2 was a hugely anticipated movie and I am disappointed beyond anything. I wouldn’t want to see another ‘Hangover Movie’ if its made the same way.


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