Pirates Of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides: What I Thought!

The usual Sunday morning shows wer never this crowded…but bloody hell the house was almost packed (and due to the rush I ended up missing the initial 10 minutes)…thats how much anticipation and excitement a Pirates sequel creates. Pirates 4 starts out fresh in this outing. It packs all the essential signature elements of the previous movies…humour, excellantly choreograhed action sequences, rocking background scores and a brilliant supporting cast…an exception being ‘Serena the Mermaid & her lover Philip’. Johnny Depp is never on strangers tides, playin Jack Sparrow…and thats why the character is a bit gettin worn. Penelope Cruz is a treat to watch…an excellant pair for Jack. Ian McShane as Blackbeard is proclaimed as ‘the pirate every other pirate should fear’…but I never found him that evil or even remotely menacing. Once again Geoffery Rush steals the show playing Barbosa…jus the way he stole the scenes in ‘The Kings Speech’. Serena & Philip tries to sparkle a bit of romance in the movie…hoping to replace William & Elizabeth from the previous movies…guess what? It never works and it slows the pace of the movie. Hans Zimmer once again does wonders with the score this time teamed up with Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Rob Marshall is indeed talented and does a splendid job, but never can be compared to Gore Verbinski. He delivered as promised but IMHO he shouldnt be the one who should helm another trilogy…Gore, please come back! Its good to see Jack Sparrow and his gang back…but I’d expect more out of a sequel the next time!

BTW about the 3D…its way better to watch this one in 2D. I, for myself watched most of the movie with the glasses rested on my forehead.

PS: Mermaids never looked this dismaying/creepy…the sequence is something to lookout for.

PSS: As always, Pirates movies packs something after the end credits…be patient and wait for the end titles to scroll off, enjoy the score…u wont regret it.


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