THOR 3D: What I thought!

Thor doesnt live up either to the hype or to other movies of the same genre. Bt, considering its an origin story..Thor cud b 4given 4 its lackluster storyline n rushed character development. Chris Hemsworth is worthy 2b the God of Thunder though d other cast was under utilized esp Natalie…I dnt know how she ended up in a not-so-noteworthy role..n Im sure she wont show up in d sequels either. Thor is a less charming, less flamboyant (unlike Iron Man) summer enjoyable if u r in sync wit the Marvel lore…n hoping to see more Thor when the Avengers initiative starts.

PS: Asgard looked pathetic, n the guardian looked alot like ‘Gort’…wtf!

I am getting sick of 3D…I like my movies to be bright and dont mind sacrificing cheap in-ur-face gimmick scenes for that. Better watch it in 2D..


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